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State Level Parenting Workshop - Uttar Pradesh
Owing to the large size of the State, Parenting Workshops were held in two cities within the state of Uttar Pradesh covering various zones of the Organization. The first one was held in Lucknow on the 24th of February, while the second one was held in Allahabad on the 3rd of March.

Both the workshops that were held included Bal Vikas gurus and eminent personalities including counselors and teaching experts, as well as Bal Vikas gurus who had attended the All India Workshop on Parenting held on July 1st and 2nd 2012 at Prasanthi Nilayam, covered the following topics:

  • Aims and Objectives of Parenting Workshop
  • Expansion of Bal Vikas
  • Organising Parent's Meets in Changed Socio - Economic Scenario
  • Sai Parenting
  • Swami's Guidelines on Parenting
  • Educare
  • Motivation Methodology for Parents
  • Rural Experiences in Parenting
  • Parenting Demo and Workshop
Parenting Workshop at Lucknow
The Parenting Workshop was held on the 24th of February 2013. The workshop was attended by 78 gurus. There was a great level of active participation from the parents of our Bal Vikas children, who were also invited to attend the workshop. The energy level that the group displayed was a delight to witness. The entire crowd was charged with fervor especially during the interactive sessions. These sessions were an eye opener to many who had gathered.

During the interactive sessions, the senior gurus present helped the young parents by answering many of their queries interspersed with Swami's teachings.

The Demo on parenting also gave an insight as to how to conduct and facilitate such parenting programs in the future at various Bal Vikas Centers across the state.

Parenting Workshop at Allahabad
The Parenting Workshop was held in Allahabad on the 3rd of March 2013.

The workshop was attended by 59 gurus comprising of 39 ladies and 20 gents.

It was a divine coincidence that this Parenting Workshop was held on the very auspicious day of Yashoda Jayanti. Yashoda Ma is considered as the very epitome of motherhood, and many draw parallels of her parenting style which is akin to the Sathya Sai Parenting.

Later in the day an interactive session on Parenting Demo was conducted. During the session there was active participation from the parents of our Bal Vikas children.

The parents were very happy and keen to discuss about the changes that they have been experiencing in the life of their children & in their family after the children began attending Bal Vikas classes. Parents were also asked to discuss specific problems that they face with respect to their children for which counseling was given by Bal Vikas gurus on how to handle these issues. There was also a Q&A session with four young parents, where many issues related to parenting were discussed. Various games were also conducted to enable the parents to understand as how to discipline their child in their day-to-day life. The main aim of conducting this session was to enable the parents to understand Swami's approach on parenting that is of "Balancing Love and Law".

State President Mr. Rajiv Chopra addressed the participants during the Parenting Workshop at Lucknow on 24th Feb. 2013. He requested all the participants to enhance the relationship between them & the parents of the Bal Vikas children through various Parent Contact Programmes.

State Education Coordinator Mrs. Pushpa Khare addressed the workshop by highlighting the very purpose of conducting such workshops & the results which they are ought to achieve. She also explained as to how Parenting programme became an integral part of Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas.

Mrs. Anu Chopra, Joint State Edu. Coordinator addressed the Bal Vikas workshop at Lucknow by explaining the guidelines of Bhagwan Baba to the parents. She enumerated the instructions that swami had given to the parents to live an ideal life & as to how to train the children as better citizens of future.

Dr. Abha Ahuja, Joint State Edu. Coordinator deliberated on the societal & economic changes that had taken place in our environment & she explained the utility as well as pre-requisites of conducting parenting workshops in this changed scenario.

An open session was conducted during which five young parents raised their problems that they are facing with respect to their children & their queries were answered by the panel consisting of Senior Bal Vikas gurus & practicing counselor who gave practical solution to their problems. Parents were convinced with the replies. The problems discussed during the session were universal & it was equivocally agreed that effective implementation of Sathya Sai Parenting would be the best solution.

Mrs. Himani Upadhyaya addressed the participants by describing the various facets of Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Programme & how they have evolved in a chronological manner since the inception of SSS Bal Vikas in 1969. She also narrated her experiences of conducting parenting workshops in the rural area.

Mr. Sanjay Saxena, an alumnus of Swami's University deliberated on the changes taking place in our society in present context & its effects on the minds of young children. He himself being recipient of SSS Education highlighted that how swami's teachings can be applied by the parents to train the young minds & put them on the right path. He said that bhagwan's teachings are universal & relevant to the present context.

Mr. A.B. Singh, Zonal Coordinator addressed the participants of the Parenting Workshop held at Allahabad on the theme 'EDUCARE'. He quoted various excerpts from swami's divine discourses on the said subject & explained the points of differences between 'Education' & 'Educare'.

Mrs. Usha Upadhyaya, Joint State Edu. Coordinator addressed on the topic Sai Parenting for teens parents. She explained the various elements of parenting in detail & suggested various measures for implementation of parenting for teens parents. During her valedictory address, she urged all the Bal Vikas gurus to start parent contact programme at their centres & at the same time she requested the parents to ensure the regular participation of their children in the bal Vikas classes.

During the Q&A session at the Parenting Workshop held at Allahabad, young parents of Bal Vikas children raised their queries with respect to their child & the queries were answered by Senior Bal Vikas gurus. A demo of model Parent Contact Programme was given so as to facilitate & train the participant gurus in conducting similar programmes at their centres.

Various values-based games were conducted for the parents. Practical parenting solutions interspersed with swami's teachings were highlighted which emerged out as a result of the games. Parents were overjoyed & enthusiastic as they were able to find solutions to their problems through games.

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