Activities from States


1. School Bal Vikas Children of Meerut District showing various projects created by them as a part of Experiential Learning being taught to them.
2. Mothers and children participating and watching Bal Vikas activities in Badaun district.

3. Bal Vikas Volunteer demonstrating Bal Vikas activities at Azampur village of Mathura District.

4. Bal vikas gurus meet being organized at 'Sai Kripa Mandir' of Allahabad district to educate the gurus with various innovative & modern techniques recently introduced in Bal Vikas Curriculum.

5. A Bal Vikas guru explaining the concept of 'Experiential Learning' to other gurus by giving the live & practical demonstration.

6. Bal Vikas Guru taking the Bal Vikas classes at the adopted SSS VIP village.- Chapro khas of Allahabad District. Village children take keen interest in learning shlokas & Mantras. Interesting techniques are adopted to teach the village children.

7. Children of adopted SSS VIP village.- Chapro khas of Allahabad District reciting the prayers & shlokas being taught to them.

- October 11
- December 09

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