Activities from States

Himachal Pradesh
Children visiting Slums and distributing Fruits, sweets etc on Easwaramba Day

Bal Vikas Children of Mandi District in Hospital Seva

Bihar and Jharkhand

Value oriented programme for school children at Jamshedpur

Drawing competition for Kundadih village Bal Vikas children

Rural Bal Vikas rally at Kundadih village

Gurus and Parents rally at Jamshedpur

Remand Home Bal Vikas children of Darbhanga presenting a cultural programme

Bal Vikas class at a Remand home in Darbhanga

Uttar Pradesh
Bal Vikas class at Chapro khas village

Bal Vikas classes in progress in Village Chapro khas & Children can be seen chanting Slokas

Bal Vikas Classes in SSS VIP village 'Jungle Tikonia No.2' in Gorakhpur District.

Group III Bal Vikas Student in an Orphanage Service

Andhra Pradesh

"Prem Jyothi Programme at slum area" by Balvikas children of "Brindavan" centre at Puttaparthi

"Service Day" at old age home by Balvikas children of "Sai Sadan Centre" (Repairing the clothes)

Health and Hygiene programme in Bal Vikas class at a SSSVIP village of East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh

An act of love by a Bal Vikas guru

A Bal Vikas guru teaching value games to children in a Bal Vikas class

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- December 09

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