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Answers to the Quiz
  1. The celestial song is incorporated in the sacred scripture of Mahabharath and is a part of Bhishma Parva.

  2. Each chapter is called "Yoga".

  3. There are eighteen (18) chapters in the Geetha.

  4. There are 700 shlokas in the Bhagavad Geetha.

  5. 'Svadharma' is Atma dharma or related to the soul and 'Paradharma' is the dharma related to the body.

  6. Yoga means union with God, pathway to union with God as well.

  7. Bhakthi Yoga means the path of attaining union with the Lord through intense love of God with single minded and devotion and total surrender to the Lord.

  8. King Janaka is the exponent and practitioner of Karma Yoga.

  9. It is a bundle of thoughts and desires.

  10. Mind should be controlled because it is responsible for both man's bondage and liberation.

  11. The digestive fire by name Vaishvaanara digests the food that we eat.

  12. Jnaathum - knowing about God
    Dhrashtum - seeing God face to face
    Praveshtum - merging in God

  13. The Vibhuthi Yoga exemplifies how Divinity is immanent in the creation.

  14. The Vishvarupa Samdarshana Yoga projects the entire cosmos in the form of the Lord.

  15. The words spoken must be true, must be devoid of passion and should not hurt others even if it be true. ("Anudvega Karam Vaakyam")

  16. Bhagavad Geetha begins with the lines "Dharmakshetre Kurukshetre". Man when he is born, his heart is pure and is a Dharmakshethra. As he grows it becomes Kurukshethra, a battle ground. Kuru means to do. Hence, by being good and doing good, Kurukshethra can be transformed into Dharmakshethra.

  17. Hanuman on the flag staff, Sanjaya and Dhritharashtra.

  18. "Yada Yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavathi Bharathah
    Abhyuthhana madharmasya tadatmanam srujamyaham
    Parithraanaaya sadhunaam vinashayacha dushkruthaam
    Dharma samsthapanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge

"The Lord says" whenever there is a decline in the practice of Dharma and Adharma prevails I incarnate. I incarnate to protect the virtuous and punish the wicked."

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