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Sai Ram Children,
Here are some of the facts you were eagerly awaiting forů

July 2009
  1. Arithmetic was discovered by Indians in about 2nd century B.C. Bhaskaracharya's book, Lilavathi (Lilaganitham), is regarded as the first book on modern arithmetic. The Arabs learnt and adopted it from India and spread it to Europe.

  2. Discovery of Theory of Gravitation - In his book, Sidhanta Shiromani, Bhaskaracharya mentions about force of attraction resembling gravity, discovered centuries later by Newton.

  3. Gunpowder was known as Aurbhani, being the invention of Aurba, the preceptor of Sagara and ancestor of Lord Rama as have been described in the work, Nitichintanani.

  4. Invention of Calendar Making - Discovery of measurement of time and of nomenclature of days, months and years and invention of calendar making was made in India in his book, Surya Sidhanta, Latadeva (505 A.D) divided the year into 12 months, seven planets of the solar system effect the earth's atmosphere and their names were added to the seven days of the week which was accepted all over the world.

  5. The Vedic era's emphasis on nature led to one of the world's earliest classification system of plants and vegetation what we call as Taxonomy of plants in Botany.
The taxonomy that we are following today globally was proposed later by Carolus Van Linnaeus (1707 - 1778), a Swedish Botanist known as Father of Modern Taxonomy.

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