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Bhagavatham Quiz
Sairam Children,
Here is a quiz on Bhagavatham the lord's story.
  1. Who wrote Bhagavatham in Sanskrit?
  2. What is the special name given to each chapter in Bhagavatham?
  3. Who was the father of Prahlada?
  4. What was the mantra chanted by Dhruva during penance?
  5. Who were the parents of Krishna?
  6. Who gave the name Krishna to the Divine child?
  7. Who was sent to bring Balarama and Krishna to Mathura by Kamsa?
  8. Who was the Guru of Krishna and Balarama?
  9. Who narrated Bhagavatham to King Parikshit?
  10. How many chapters are there in Bhagavatham?
  11. Who was Krishna's friend at the gurukul?
  12. Who killed Narakasur?
  13. Whose backbone became Indra's weapon the Vajrayudha?
  14. Who were the gate keepers of Vaikunta?
  15. How many yugas are there and what are they?
  16. Who is the chief exponent of Dasyam type of devotion? (one of the nine types of devotion)
  17. Who is the grandson of Prahlada?
  18. Who were the parents of Lord Parashuram?
  19. What were Jaya and Vijaya, the gate keepers of Vishnu in Dwapara Yuga?
  20. What is the main theme of Bhagavatham?
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