Children's Corner
Sai's Tips to Students - Part I
Honour Your Parents
First and foremost, you should show gratitude to your parents. Your blood, your food, your head and your money are all the gifts of your parents. You do not receive these gifts directly from God. All that is related to God is only a direct experience. It is only the parents whom you can see directly and experience their love. So consider your parents as God. God will be pleased and will manifest before you only when you love and respect your parents.

Serve your parents. Do not belittle them as illiterate or ignorant. They are far more knowledgeable than you. Do not cause tears to fill their eyes. Love them, revere them, and serve them. Never go against the wishes of the mother. The son who causes pain to the mother can never be happy. A person who has love for the mother and serves the mother is free from all sins.

If you honour your mother, the mother of the universe will guard you against harm. If you honour your father, the father of all things will guard you. This is as true as the fact that if you honour your parents, your children will honour you.
- October 11
- December 09

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