7/01/2012 - morning    POORNACHANDRA AUDITORIUM
(A brief summary of the talks on the 1st day of the convention- from hand written notes. Please excuse any discrepancies in content and language.)

If we have roof over our heads, food in the plate, we are richer than 75% of people in the world. One of the most important qualities we need to have is 'Gratitude'.

Swami says: When you see, see with my eyes, when you walk, walk with my legs……..

Swami's eyes saw the poor, thirsty, sick… He saw a need for medical services in the villages, water for the thirsty…….and he started the Super speciality Hospitals and the Water project and the University! We too need to look at the world with Sai eyes!

George Bernard Shaw said, "Change yourself and you can change the world"

(He proceeded to tell the story of the violin with 4 strings. While cleaning the violin, 3 of the strings broke. However with the last string, the most beautiful, and soulful music was played. This last string is the most important string in our lives, which is the string of 'Self-confidence' or 'atma vishwas')

Story: Lakshmi Mittal's father wanted to build a steel plant. When he visited the site, he saw sevareal people doing different work like mixing cement, cutting wood etc. When he asked them what they were doing, one person said that he was mixing cement, many others replied similarly. However one man said that he was engaged in the task of making the best steel plant in the world. This man was selected to become the Foreman as he had the larger vision in mind. Whatever we do, let's always keep the total picture in mind!

(Sri Keike Mistry then recited the inspiring poem 'Anyway')

Mother Teresa's Anyway Poem (a poem she had lived)
People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you've got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and your God;
It was never between you and them anyway.

SPEAKER: NIKHIL KAUSHIK(balvikas alumni)
He shared the purpose of the All India Balvikas Meet.

Imagine if we enter a shop full of lanterns. Is there any use if there is not light within it? Similarly our lives are like the lanterns and Swami has lit the light of 'Akhand Jyothi' within us. Sai's jyothi is the light of love and human values; we need to keep it burning eternally and keep spreading this light! We can make this jyothi akhand only by ensuring and involving as many people as possible in the the 'balvikas' movement and continuing to be a part of the Divine Mission.

He spoke about how lucky we are to be in the wonderful poornachandra auditorium where Swami has conducted innumerable Yagnas and delivered countless discourses, where every slab of stone has been blessed with Swami's sparshan!

Open University: "The story of the Lord is the story of His devotees. Bhagawatham cannot be called so if there was no Prahlada. When Prahlada talked about the 9 paths of worshipping Lord Narayana to his father, the enraged Hiranyakashipu asked Prahlad's teachers, who taught him this? The teachers replied fearfully that Prahlad learnt this in Narada's Open university. (when prahlad was in in his mother's womb and heard Narada's rendering of the Lord's glory).

Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas is Swami's Open University. The best teaching one can get here is to center our lives on GOD!

Swami started the balvikas even earlier than 1969 when he was in Karnam Subbamma's house and composed numerous songs on human values like 'Sathya dharmamu shanthi premaluko……). Swami started emphasising the benefits of human values when he was a lad of 16 years!"

God's weakness: During the 25th anniversary of Dharmakshetra, Mumbai, Sri Sanjay Sahani spoke about the highlights of Sai Education, in front of Swami. He mentioned how prayer was an integral part of students' life in the campus.. He then made a risky statement, 'Prayer is devotees' greatest strength and God's only weakness'. With a great deal of fear that Swami would be angry at this bold statement, he glanced back at Swami. However swami said nothing! During lunch Swami said 2 words, 'Good thoughts' and again 2 words, 'God's weakness' and looked at him, thus proving beyond doubt the truth of those words! After that Sri Sanjay Sahani never hesitated to speak about the power of prayer and that it truly was God's weakness!

Story: "We all have learnt to chant Brahmarpanam before meals. Once Swami had sent ice-creams to the brindavan boys. Next day when swami enquired about it, He said, 'No one gave me any ice-creams'. (implying that not one of them, incl the teachers had remembered to offer to Swami before eating their ice-cream)" Thus Swami emphasised the importance of offering all our food, thoughts and actions to Swami.

Sri Sanjay sahani also proceeded to share the story of a students who attempted to be silent throughout the day (Mounam) and how swami encouraged him.

"I offer the degree of Divine Love: Swami once gave a discourse to the students where he spoke about the different degrees they all get once they complete their education. He said that I will give you the degree of 'Divine Love' once you study five subjects. The subjects are: The five Ds.
  • DEDICATION: Whatever you do, offer it to God. During the 70th birthday celebrations, I asked my sister what she had brought for Swami. She replied that she had brought all her sins to offer. And later she said that swami has accepted my offering because she got padanamaskar twice (amidst the huge crowd). Swami has told the sai Youth that you are always offering flowers, dhoop, lamp etc. Give something that Swami does not have. Swami does not have bad qualities, offer your sins and bad qualities to God. As we keep offering, our process of transformation starts and slowly our thoughts, words and actions become purer (as we become conscious that we are offering to Swami)!

    As a student I would always offer my studies to him and Swami always used to say that he (Sri Sanjay sahani) was an outstanding student who always talked less!

  • DEVOTION: What is an indicator of devotion? Swami told Prof Sampath once that devotion means to take our mind and place it at the Lotus feet of the Lord! The more time one thinks of God, the more the devotion. Five minutes of time and energy for God gives us a return of 55 minutes of energy and joy! (Sri Sanjay Sahani gave an example of two students who were studying; one developed an headache. He wrote a long letter to swami at the end of which, his headache vanished. The other student studied for some time and developed an headache.) Contrary to our expectations, devotion is not an expenditure of time and energy. Rather it is an investment which pays rich dividends in the end.

    Story: When Vibhishana was lamenting that though he always took the name of Lord Rama, he got very little of the Lord's proximity and grace as compared to hanuman. Hanuman replied that although you are taking the Lord's name, what are you doing for the Lord's Mission. Along with the Lord's Naama we have to be a part of the Lord's kaam (work). Once we are part of His mission, we automatically receive the Lord's grace!

  • DISCIPLINE: The medium of instruction in all Swami's instruction is discipline. There are two kinds of prayer: one in Brahma Muhurtam and the other at other times in the day. The early morning prayer is very valuable and can be compared to a fixed deposit as compared to the others which is like savings deposit. The fixed deposit cannot be easily encashed for petty reasons and this prayer can only be encashed for spiritual growth. So all spiritual aspirants need to pray during the Brahma Muhurtam! This kind of discipline helps to control the mind which will then turn easily towards God!

  • DISCRIMINATION: Discrimination is a clear understanding of what is good and what is bad; what swami likes and what swami does not like! One of the students would always say that he would feel a burning sensation in his body when ever he did something wrong. Once he felt a similar burning but he could not recollect anything he did wrong. But on deep reflection, he realised that he had seen another student doing a wrong, but had kept quiet about it. Being a mute witness to someone else's wrong is also a sin!

    Story: Once Lord Rama was conducting an important meeting. He asked Lakshmana to be on guard and not allow anyone in. If he disobeys, the punishment is his death! Soon Sage Durvasa comes there and wants to enter. When laksmana stops him, an enraged Durvasa says that if Lakshmana does not allow him, he will burn the whole Ayodhya! Lakshmana used his discrimination thus to make a decision: If I allow him, I will die; If I do not allow, all people of Ayodhya will die; better I die. This is individual discrimination v/s fundamental discrimination. Individual discrimination considers ones own welfare whereas fundamental discrimination considers the welfare of the people at large!

  • DUTY: Once when Swami was in Rishikesh and stayed at the Sivananda ashram, he declared that the greatest sanyasin was Mother ganges. It is only she, who had the one-pointed goal to reach the ocean. At different points of time, the ocean resists her and there is a tussle (the back waters are a result of this). The differences in the nature of the river water and ocean water seems to increase this resistance. However, when Mother Ganges refuses to relent and continues in her perseverance, the Ocean accepts her and she merges into the Ocean! It is our duty that we develop such a one-pointed goal to reach God!

BALVIKAS is a journey From Bhagawan, In Bhagawan, and To Bhagawan!

We have all started on this journey; and it is our duty that we continue in this journey! Imagine if we have to carry a food packet in our hands. It is a burden as long as we carrying the packet. Once we open and eat it, it no longer is a burden. God is like this food packet. As long as we keep Him outside ourselves, He is a burden ; Once we internalise Him, once we let Him penetrate within every part of our body, mind and soul, he no longer is a burden. On the contrary He energises us!

Once in Ooty Swami spoke that Ramyana was not just Rama's story. It is in fact hanuman's story. Ramayana did not happened because of only Rama's sankalpa, but because hanuman allowed himself to be an instrument in the Divine mission! Hanuman said that I am a monkey, but you can use me as you like. So Rama asked him to jump. And hanuman jumped to get the sanjeevani; he jumped across the ocean to locate Sita. Once we dedicate the same monkey nature to God, He will spiritualise it and uplift our lives.

Are we ready to offer ourselves for His Mission? Are we available for His Mission?

Amidst other talks and group songs, two balvikas alumni spoke who stressed how attending balvikas classes have helped them to make better decisions in their life . And how balvikas has beena life changing event without which their lives would have been completely different. As a mark of gratitude, they rededicated their lives to the Sai Mission!

Balvikas has given us tickets to go from station I to station WE to station HIM

Please refer to more details and photos at:

All India Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Group III and Alumni Convention
A convention for the all India Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Group III and Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Alumni was held in Prasanthi Nilayam on the 7th and 8th of Jan 2012. Over two thousand Balvikas Children, Alumni and Gurus from across India assembled here for the meet. The programme commenced on 7th morning at 1030hrs at Poornachandra Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam with the lighting of the lamp by Dr. Keki Mistry, Trustee, Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Maharashtra. He was accompanied on the stage by Sri S. V. Giri, Sri Sanjay Sahani and Sri Nimish Pandya. Sri R J Ratnakar was also present at the function.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Keki Mistry laid great stress on Atma Vishwas, confidence in one self. Recounting beautiful memories with Bhagawan, he walked the delegates through the history of Bal Vikas. His succinct talk was well suited for the occasion. Sri Nikhil Koushik, a Balvikas alumnus, spoke next on the purpose and objectives of the meet.

Thereafter, two melodius group theme songs with good background scores, Akhanda Jyot Jalao and Sai Kiran Jalate Chal, were presented by the delegates. Around 11.30 am Sri Sanjay Sahani, Director, Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Learning, addressed the delegates and spoke on the importance of the 5 D’s. His talk was full of personal experiences with Bhagawan and it was a treat for all those who were present.
Sweet orations by children and Alumni and some wonderful music lit up the evening. The programme compered by Sri Nikhil Kaushik began at 1700hrs. There were group songs and theme talks by delegates of Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Group III and Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Alumni. The speakers for the evening Ms. Samarpita Bannerjee, Sri. Parikshit Kohli and Ms. Radhika Mathur gave wonderful talks making it very clear the values that Bal Vikas has developed in these young men and women.

Delegates from Kerala presented an innovative Fusion Instrumental Music entitled Naada Laya while alumni delegates from Karnataka and Maharashtra presented a vocal concert titled “Sri Sathya Sai Mahima”. Ms. Jyoti who has sung before Bhagawan earlier sang a few classical melodious Bhajans.

The second day of the conference of the All India Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Group III and Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Alumni programme, commenced at 10:23 am at Poornachandra Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam. After the inspiring address by Sri Keki Mistry, Ms. Yunita Pandey and Ms. Shrunkala narrated to the assembled delegates how Bal Vikas helped them in their lives.

Thereafter, two melodius group theme songs, antar jyoti jalao man me and Sai the Lord of our heart, were presented by the delegates. Dr. Shashank Shah of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning spoke about ten-point programme for spiritual growth, and was very well received by the delegates. His topics highlighted mainly on Karma, Janma, Dharma and Brahma. Alumni student Master Bhaskar played “chitta chora yashoda ke bal…” on the flute while Kum. Madhavi narrated a Hindi poetry. Sri Nimish Pandya gave the concluding address and reminded all the delegates that Bhagawan was their only True Friend. Arati was offered at 12:45 pm.
The evening programme compered by Sri Anush Mohan started at 1700hrs with two group songs. This was followed by talks by delegates, sister Mandevi from Madhya Pradesh and brother Arjun Suresh from Tamil Nadu. A Compendium of articles by Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Alumni titled “Blossoming Human Excellence” containing 17 articles from Bal Vikas students from different parts of India, was released and offered at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Outstanding Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas were felicitated with achievement awards followed by the unveiling of Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Logo. Sri Nimish Pandya introduced Sri Satyajit, a Balvikas Prodigy from Kerala who gave a confident oration followed by Veda Chanting and Bhajan Singing. The performance earned a thundering applause for the tiny tot which lasted for several minutes.

A recording from Bhagawan’s discourse inspiring the Balvikas children to practice incessantly the values learnt inspired the delegates. The programme concluded with an impressive instrumental presentation by delegates from Chennai. Bhagawan singing “Hari bhajana bina sukha santhi nahi…” brought down the curtain on the immensely successful two day convention. Mementos were distributed to all the delegates with special gifts for the performers. It was indeed an event to remember for all.

Antar Jyoti jalao man me.
Sai Kiran Jagata Chal
Sai the Lord of our heart.
Akhanda Jyot Jalao
The above theme songs were offered at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan during the two days convention of the Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Group III and Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Alumni Meet at Prasanthi Nilayam on 7th and 8th January 2012. You may download the same from the following link:

8/01/2012 - morning    POORNACHANDRA AUDITORIUM
Story: In the year 2000, the Para Olympics were held in Ireland. The Para Olympics for kids is an Olympics for specially advantaged children - differently advantaged children. The 100 metres mixed race was on. There were 10 lanes with 4 girls and 6 boys, each representing their country. The gun went off and everyone started. While they were in different positions on the track, suddenly there was a noise and the runner in the middle lane fell down.

The amazing thing that happened was that everyone stopped! Each of the 9 other contestants stopped, turned around and all went to the boy who had fallen down. One of them picked him up, another one dusted his clothes and a girl gave him a small kiss on the cheek and said "That should make you alright". Then they all linked hands and went towards the finish line together. And remember this was at the Olympics.

There were 45,000 people in that stadium who all stood up and clapped for 15 minutes - there was not a dry eye in the audience. Why? These specially advantaged people showed us the meaning of Sai's message. They bonded together in love and went towards the goal together.

Balvikas students are not volunteers in God's mission. You are soldiers in God's army.
Once when I asked swami whether all good work is god's work, swami said, only when you offer food to God, it becomes Prasad. Similarly for any work to become God's work, it has to be offered to God! We have to practise the dictum, 'See SAI in ALL'. God is hungry for our love. He is also hungry for our gratitude!

(Dr Mistry proceeded to tell the story of the Honda car/motorcycle: how it was the dream of one man: Mr Soichiro Honda; Who started at an humble setting and through talent, hardwork and ingenuity achieved success. Inspite of his factory being bombed during the world war, inspite of needing to sell his wife's jewellery, he persisted because of his self-confidence! And that's what Swami also tells us to develop that kind of Atma Vishwas which marches on inspite of all obstacles and problems)

You are the soldiers of SAI. You are His Eyes, His Legs, His Ears, His Hands! Swami is here, listening to us, watching us.

The Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, the Sevadals are all the branches,and the trunk of this TREE of SAI MISSION. The Balvikas students and SAI students are the fruits and the flowers in this garden of SAI. Swami's love is the root which nourishes us!

BAMBOO TREE: This tree frequently grows in China. When we sow the seed of this tree, add manure and water, we wait for a long time and nothing happens. For 5 years, there is no change though we are watering the tree well! However from the 6th year, it starts to sprout and starts growing at an astounding rate of 2.5 ft per day. It can finally grow upto a length of 100 ft.

The Balvikas course too does its underground nourishment during the 9 long years when the Gurus, inspired by Swami's love, sow the five human values deep within you. But now after these 9 long years, its time for us to bear fruit and to flower. Lets be a friend to SAI and walk with HIM all the time!

Balvikas has given me a reason for faith. It has helped me rediscover the self with positive eyes. It has also helped me rediscover the power of prayer and understand that HE (Swami) is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent! Balvikas has helped me distinguish right and wrong. I learnt that my heart is a temple where GOD always resides. I need to offer only unconditional Love and thus light the lamp within! I have also realised that 'what we deserve should be greater than what we desire'!

Along with faith, we must also develop our patience. Gods Delay is not His Denial. Many a time His delay is a protection from calamity!

SPEAKER: DR SHASHANK SHAH Dr Shah gave a beautiful formula for life. He called it the K J D B formula.

Elaborating this cool acronym he said, it stands for: Karma, Janma, Dharma and Brahma formula.

KARMA : Man is born in karma, lives in karma and dies in it. We need to know the difference between good karma and bad karma.

In the earlier days Swami would frequently play a game of 'passing the parcel'. Many good qualities and bad qualities would be written and put in a box which would be passed around all who were seated in a circle. Swami alone would be sitting inside the circle and singing bhajans. When he would stop singing, that person, in whose hands the box was would pick a chit. If it was a good quality, he would get to come inside the circle and sing with swami. If not he remains in the circle. This is like the circle of birth and death and swami stressed that even if we develop one good quality in our lives, we can redeem ourselves and go near Swami!

Out of 80 lakh species, one gets the chance to be born a human being. All other species are born and die as an animal; its only man who gets the chance to be born as a man and can uplift himself to merge with God!

JANMA: We have had the unique good fortune to have had the Avatar himself as a guru for 85 long years. We should make good use of this opportunity of having been a balvikas student and received Bhagawan's grace!

A co-incidence is an incident where God chooses to be anonymous. Our coming here today, our being balvikas students are not co-incidences. It is His Divine WILL!

Story: One of Swami's students was known for his naughty and mischievous behaviour. Exasperated, his mother complained to Swami. Swami, during a trayee session, announced that, if you all know what you were in your previous birth, you will not behave in the way you are doing now. Saying this, He looked at this naughty boy. Reflecting on what Swami had told, this boy went to Swami, the next day, and asked Him to reveal what he had been in the previous birth. Swami said that in the last birth you were a Rishi, who had done a lot of penance to be with God in this birth. But now you are whiling away and wasting your time and oppurtunity. This experience changed the student completely!

Once someone asked Swami, we must have done a lot of 'punya' in our last birth to be with you now. Swami said, No, you have done 'punya' in many, many lifetimes to get this opportunity of being with Swami now!

DHARMA: We all aspire to get different degrees M.B.B.S etc. We spend all our life trying to acquire these degrees. To get the degree of 'divine love' and 'divine grace' from God, can we not spend atleast a few minutes every day.

Normally we think, what is the hurry, why can't we wait till we become older ! Do we chant 'brahmarpanam' before food or after eating the food? Similarly we shouldn't wait to become old when our negative tendencies have completely consumed us fully; on the contrary, now, while we are young, we should offer all our actions to God and get our lives sanctified. In old age, when we need help to stand and walk, what seva can we do to anyone?

Swami Vivekananda always used to say, 'Awake, Arise and Rest not till the Goal is reached'!

Time is ticking away. Spending our life in food, rest, sleep, fear and procreation is common to all. What is different for a human being is his 'Dharma'. It is for the sake of others that the Tree bears fruit. Though many states fight for rivers, the river itself does not enjoy its water, it freely gives water to all! Cows too give its milk freely for all. Similarly our body is meant for Seva. 'Paropkaaraya Idham Shareeram' is the motto engraved in the super hospital.

Till our limbs are active, do seva, seva, seva!

Does this mean that we have to sacrifice our office, studies and do seva. Swami does not ask us to distinguish between our personal life, professional life and spiritual life.

Fill your professional life with spirituality and Fill your spiritual life with professionalism! This is full time devotion!

After doing seva, there should be self-transformation. Have you been able to give up jealousy? Have you been able to control anger and cultivate devotion, otherwise it is not worth it!

Sathya Sai Organisation is not an NGO: Other Service organisation do service for others; whereas the term 'seva' in 'Sathya Sai Organisation' implies seva for one's own spiritual Transformation.

Story: A father gave his mischievous son a puzzle of the map of the world, thinking that this will keep him occupied for quite a while. However the boy comes back quickly with the solved puzzle. On enquiry, he reveals that on the reverse of the world map, was the figure of a human being, and he could very quickly put in order the pieces of the human being! If each one of us transform ourselves, we can easily transform the whole world! We are 'change agents' who can change the world!

Swami- the perfect role-model
Story: (Recollecting a beautiful experience in the sacred Poornachandra) In 1987, when the 1st Institute brass Band was formed, swami ensured that the tailor took correct measurements for the uniform and finally when all the students wore the brand new, smart uniform, He seemed very happy. However, when the students requested Him for a padanamaskar, He said, Your clothes are new and it will get dirty! Saying thus, He walked towards the dias. Thinking that Swami had refused the namaskar, students were disappointed. However, the moment Swami reached the dias, He called the students one by one for namaskar, stating that the ground was much cleaner there and their uniforms will not get dirty!

Swami is indeed, the best role-model whether pertaining to His sense of dress, walking, talking, being a host to his guests …… He played all roles to perfection!

Story: Swami always insisted on cutting his toe nails quite deep. On asking why, he replied that when many devotees touch His feet for namaskar, they should not get hurt!

After the interview, Swami always switches off the fan/light and practises ceiling on desires. He frequently used to say, "I'm not like you boys, wasting water while shaving/ brushing. The tap will remain closed when I shave/ wash myself; opening it only when I need the water. Sometime the soap goes into my eye. But I don't waste water" ! This is yoga in action. Whatever we do, we should offer to Swami! In the story of Sabari too, this is emphasised. Lord Rama gave more importance for the 'bhavam'- the feeling behind the action. Once Sabari offered it to God, He accepted!

Ten-Point formula for spiritual growth:
  1. Purity of place you live in

  2. Family: A sense of co-operation and harmony at home

  3. Sacred Food and Drinks. ( When we cannot give anyone life, we have no right to take any life. Be strictly vegetarian)

  4. Sacred thoughts

  5. Sacred Vision

  6. Sacred Words

  7. Sacred books : Read sacred literature; biographies of great leaders & Saints.

  8. Sacred and Selfless service

  9. Selfless sadhana

  10. Selfless in your profession
Swami has said that, While the different devas have different departments to take care of, three departments come directly under ME. These are the departments of:
  • Selfless Love
  • Selfless Service
  • Spiritual Sadhana
Anyone who works in these three areas directly come under My purview.

BRAHMA: What does one do when one passes away, we cremate the person's body. Why? Because we are not the body. We are the soul, which is the LIFE within the body. This is the BRAHMA present within all of us.

Just as we need to recharge our ipod and mobile phone batteries, we all need to recharge and rejuvenate our inner energies…how? By Loving All and Serving All!

Swami says, You are born, not to be born again. That is the only objective! Everything else is only a means to achieve this objective.

When Shankaracharya started the 4 mutts, he started them with a noble objective. There may not have been much strategy or planning; however the nobility of the objective ensured its success and Shankaracharya's objective being met! Similarly the objective of the Sathya Sai Organisation is noble and its very nobility and purity will ensure that its objective will be met! We only need to be squirrels (like the squirrels in Lord Rama's mission) doing our little bit for universal transformation!

"The reason we all have assembled here is to 'Be happy'. If we are not happy here, in Prashanthi Nilayam, the abode of the avatar- Sri Sathya Sai Baba, we can never be happy anywhere else in the world!

Once we have come to the feet of the divine Lord, we have 'arrived'!

God within:
Story: As a young man, when I had many friends, Swami would frequently say, 'pocket mein paisa, to many friends; no money, no friends'. He looked at me and said, 'There is only one friend and He is God (pointing at himself in His chest)!' For me, since then, Swami was my best friend with whom I would share everything. This went on for quite some time, till one fine day swami stopped talking so frequently to me. I was quite upset. It took me a few years to realise that when Swami pointed to Himself, He meant that God (within) is our best friend!

Bhagawan came to this world to tell us that 'There is only one God and He is within us'! When Swami guides and directs from within us, we do not want to listen; we then come to Parthi and ask Him to talk to us. Let us not tell the Swami within to 'keep quiet' when He talks to us. Let us practise listening to the God within all the time!

It is Swami, who has, always told us that we are God, who has addressed us as 'Divyaatma Swaroopalaras' (Embodiments of the Divine).

Lets not merely go to the temples/ religious places of worship for inspiration. Lets remember that that the real temple is within us, that God is within. Lets make all our actions, words and thoughts sacred as befitting the indweller of this temple!

Love All, Serve All: Swami frequently tells us to love all and serve all. How can we practise this?
'By forgetting all harm others do to you immediately

By forgetting all the good you do to others immediately.

BY remembering all the good others do for you'

Half the time we brood about the Past and half the time we worry about the Future. Lets live in the Present, that's why its called the Omnipresent.

A Test of a true Alumni: If we want to know how good/true balvikas alumni we are, there is a very simple test in the words of this song:

'Nayano Mein Prem Dhaar, Vachano Mein Amrita Dhaar,
Sadguru Sai Mera Jeevan Adhaar,
Jeevan Adhaar, Mera Jeevan Adhaar, Sadguru Sai Mera Jeevan Adhaar'

(He is a true devotee/ true Balvikas Alumni, in whose eyes is only Selfless Love, His words are sweet and pure as nectar and whose life is founded firmly in the principles and teachings of SAI and the Love of SAI)

- October 11
- December 09

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