2005 - 'Glory of Sai', Children's Festival in the Divine Presence at Prashanti Nilayam.
3000 young kids from all over India had come to Puttaparthi to participate in a 3 day 'Festival of Joy' from the 22nd to the 24th of October, 2005.

Children's Choir during Festival of Joy - October, 2005

Master Arithro Krishna De speaking in the immediate presence of Bhagavan
In His most Compassionate Discourse Bhagavan said
"Embodiments of Love!

You are now at the stage of childhood. This is the right age to cultivate Sattwa Guna. The quality of your life at later stages will depend upon the qualities you cultivate now. What is the use of trying to cultivate Sattwa Guna at the fag end of your life when your body refuses to co-operate with you in your Sadhana? Hence, you must cultivate Sattwa Guna in your childhood itself. If man wishes to experience Manavatwa (humanness) and reach Daivatwa (divinity), Sattwa Guna is very essential. It is only when you consciously cultivate Sattwa Guna that you will be able to attain the Sattwic state. You can never attain the Sattwic state by indulging in Rajasic and Thamasic acts.

Therefore, you should cultivate Sattwic qualities right from your young age. All our ancient sages and seers did their Sadhana when they were young and strong.

We eat a variety of items as food to sustain the body. But no one is making an enquiry whether the food he eats is proper or not; whether it is beneficial for him or not. You should always eat Sattwic food. By having Sattwic food, you will be able to cultivate Sattwic thoughts. And, by cultivating Sattwic thoughts, you will be able to undertake Sattwic actions."

July 2008 - World Education Conference
Swami lit the lamp to mark the inauguration of the 3 day World Education Conference. This was followed by opening addresses by Dr. Michael Goldstein and Mr. V. Srinivasan. After their speeches, Swami blessed the delegates from all over the world with His divine discourse re-emphasizing on educare.

"Today education has become physical. There are millions who have studied but of what use are they to the society? They are all achieving their own selfish needs and none are there who think of others or realize the condition of the society. In public, they declare that they help the poor but do nothing. You know the plight of the world today. There is misery everywhere and there is no trace of bliss. Every region or country speaks highly in self-praise but the suffering continues. Who are rich? 'Manas ekam, Vachas ekam, karmanyekam Mahaatmanam.' They are great who have unity in thought, word and deed. Big countries are doing a lot of harm to other countries. They are unmindful of the poverty and do not even feel repentant at what they are doing. Every country helps only the rich. You must all stand by the poor and for this Prema (Love) and Daya (Compassion) are essential. Only those with Thyaga (sacrifice) get bliss, never those with feelings of 'I' and 'mine'.

You cannot be the sole possessor of Love. God is the only owner of Love. Educare is to bring that Love out from within. In just 25-30 years, there will be harmony and peace in the world. Tomorrow, I will clear all the doubts you have. Now it's late. We will have the music."
Sai Vidya Jyothi Exhibition
On this occasion an International Exhibition on Bal Vikas, Education in Human Values, and Global EHV Programme was organized in Poorna Chandra Auditorium which was inaugurated by Bhagavan very kindly.

Bhagavan lighting 'Sai Vidya Jyothi'

Bhagavan in 'Sai Vidya Jyothi' Exhibition

Indian Delegates in Sessions

Bhagavan answering the questions raised by the delegates from all over the World
- October 11
- December 09

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