"Experiencing Transformation"
Dr. Nandita Sarmah
I was an atheist till the age of 19 years. I attended all the religious functions of our family and friends but my heart was dry with no connection to any God or any power. This disbelieve was made stronger after I became a Medical Student. I very mistakenly thought that Science was the Zenith of all knowledge, and a doctor was no less than God. But in the inner core of my heart I knew I was wrong and I wanted to find the Power, which I felt, was definitely present. I read all sorts of books on religion, philosophy, theology, and the occult in search of some Light.

Towards the late 60s my mother came to know about Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba but could not either impress my father who was a student of Nobel Laureate Dr. C. V. Raman or me the egoistic half doctor (my father later also became a pious Bhakta). Then one fine day sometime in 1967/68 while reading about the Ten Avatars some inner voice seemed to tell me that Bhagawan Baba was an Avatar-the Tenth Avatar. After that day I started to get numerous Visiting Cards, as all Bhaktas are very familiar with because they all have the same experiences. I at first dismissed or brushed aside these things as just coincidences. But coincidences cannot occur so frequently and I was compelled to believe that a protective Hand was with me all the time solving even the most mundane problems of my day to day life I would like to describe a few of these experiences before I go on with my journey with Baba

Once I was coming back to my room from night duty in the early hours the morning when I saw a young man heading straight for me, I was very scared but suddenly a short distance from me he just tumbled down on that perfectly smooth road and I could run to the safety of the Hospital corridor.

While going home with my two small boys to Guwahati I picked up a quarrel with the Bus driver for cheating some poor passengers. He got so angry that he started driving so rashly as if with the sole intention of killing me. Baba please help me, all the passengers are going to die for my fault. Believe me within few minutes he seemed to calm down. At Jagiroad (the next stoppage) he came smiling and invited me to have tea with him and helped me with my luggage at Guwahati.

My elder son was in Russia and was having some problem with his Visa. I tried approaching many V.I.P.s but with no avail. As a last resort leaving all to Baba I rang up the Indian Embassy at Moscow. Just like Baba always the phone was picked up by some Mr. Singh who seemed to recognize my typical Assamese tone and said he was an I.A.S officer from the Assam cadre and he said that although it was not very easy but he would try and put me through to the Director in charge of foreign students. Nothing is impossible with Baba on your side. I was able to speak to him and my son's problem was solved in an hours time.

My second son's birth was also no less than a miracle. Prof.M.N.Gogoi examined me at about 4am and said there was very little progress and he would deliver the baby at 8am by Caesarian section and all the doctors left. It was Sivaratri so with due apologies to Baba for disturbing Him I prayed to Him. At 5am I had very strong pains and delivered a healthy 3.5 kg baby NORMALLY on the bed itself. All the Doctors were very much surprised.

In the early 90s my husband developed a severe chest pain and was referred to Apollo, Chennai. On reaching there Dr. Satyamurthy was very surprised because it seemed my husband had a myocardial infarction 48hrs back and instead of being in an I.C.U. he had travelled so far without any untoward effects.

Financially also Baba has given very big amounts from the most unexpected sources with which I could help my husband to give my sons good qualifications.

Baba has a complete control of Nature. In so many years not once have my Bal Vikas students had to face bad weather to come to class although it may rain in torrents before or after the class. In the very heat and rain in May my son's marriage went of in an extremely air-conditioned atmosphere.The day before my 2 son's Upanayanam ceremony a terrible storm occurred in the neighborhood but not a single damage occurred in our Pandal.

Now to go back to my journey with Baba, over these years I read his books extensively. His Discourses on the Gita, His Vahinis.Sathya Sai Speaks,Sanathan Sarathis etc have given me a completely different perspective of what is the true meaning of Spirituality.From the early 80s I have been to Prasanthi as a Seva Dal.After going there several times I realized that anyone going there is like an uncut diamond that is gradually polished into a beautiful Jewel in the course of time. Doing Seva there we gradually pass from Body-consciousness to Soul-consciousness. Seva becomes easy when we realize that a mini world of Atmas is there in different Costumes.

I started Bal Vikas classes and could find a complete transformation of my character sharing values, stories, bhajans etc with the children so much so that even my husband says he has become a silent Bhakta of Baba.Once while working in the Hospital Baba came up to me and asked in the sweetest voice "Where I had come from?" I was then surprised and nervous and thought why is He asking when He knows we are from Assam? But now in retrospect I have realized that He actually guided my Spiritual journey to find out where I have actually come from.

On the morning of April 24th, 2011 when I was in my Pujaroom at about 7.30 am He seemed to say "don't worry from today I will be alright and will be with you all the time Just pray to the Saligram you have here ". I felt so elated that I immediately rang up Priyanka Das to tell her Baba is recovering. She said, "No Baidew He has just attained His Maha Samadhi"

Not for a moment do I feel His absence. He is still among us because His concern and help is still going on----rather even more than before.
Jai Sai Ram

- October 11
- December 09