At the Lotus Feet

A scene from Sai Sankranthi - a musical dance ballet by Bal Vikas children of Andhra Pradesh on 12th Jan 2005

A scene from the play 'The Glory of Sathya Sai' presented by the Bal Vikas children of India - children's festival, October 2005

Balavikas children of Tamil Nadu presented a musical drama called Bhagavath Sankeertan Mahima on 24th October 2005

Bal Vikas children from Kerala presenting a play entitled 'Bhakthi - Vibhakthi' during Onam celebrations on 3rd Sep 2006

Bhagavan with the children from Kerala after their programme during Onam celebrations in 2006

Deenajanodhdharana Children of Andhra Pradesh with the loving mother after staging a musical dance drama entitled 'Jagruthi' on 3rd March 2007

Programme by Karnataka Bal Vikas children on 30th Nov 2007

A musical dance ballet entitled, "Tripura Rahasyam" presented in the divine presence by the Balvikas students and Gurus of Maharashtra on Ashadi July 15th 2008

Bal Vikas children of Gujarat presenting a play on Ramayana on the occasion of their new year- 28th Oct 2008

Children of Gujarat with Bhagavan

Bal Vikas children of Bihar with Bhagavan after presenting the play "Dasya Bhakthi"

- October 11
- December 09

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