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Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,
This month our sojourn is to the holy Parashuram Kund in India's land of rising sun Arunachal Pradesh.

Parashuram Kund
The Parashuram Kund is situated 13 miles far of the north east of Tezu on the banks of the mighty Lohit River. Parashuram Kund is magically transformed from a sleepy old place to an amazing congregation of seething humanity on Makar Sankranti Day, which normally falls in mid January.

Legend has it that when Parashuram killed his mother Renuka with an axe at the behest of his father Saint Jamadagni, the axe got stuck to his hands. Parashurama roamed all over India visiting holy places to atone for his sins but the axe remained stuck to his hands. Ultimately Parashuram came to a Kund known as Brahma Kund now in Lohit district on the advice of some sages. Parashurama took a dip in the holy water of the Kund and the axe immediately became unstuck and fell from Parashuramas hands. With a big sigh of relief and venting anger on the axe, Parashurama picked it up and threw it as far as he could into the mountains. The axe split the mountains, and the spot where it fell became the source of Lohit River. It was thus that this Kund came to be known as Prashuram Kund and now it is one of the many revered holy spots in the country.
Parashuram Kund at Arunachal Pradesh is mostly visited during the months of November to February. This place (Parashurama Kund) holds a fair popularly known as Parashuram Mela which draws a hefty crowd from different corners of India during January every year. This holy place of Parashuram Kund leaves an everlasting impression in the mind of the devotees as well as other visitors.

Our sojourn continues next month…Till then Sai Ram

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