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Yajur Vedic Upanishads - XIX

Kalagnirudra Upanishad
Kalam Agni Rudra Upanishad is based on the conversation between Santkumar and Kalagni Rudra. It belongs to the category of Krishna Yajur veda Upanishads. In this conversation, Santkumar asks Kalagni Rudra about the Tripurandram that he possesses on his forehead. He also asks about the right procedure to do so. Kalam Agni Rudra Upanishad comprises of ten different mantras in which Lord Shiva's Rudra form has been explained through questions and their answers.

Once it happened that Sanat Kumara asked the exalted Kalagnirudra: "Teach me Oh! exalted Sir the truth in respect to the rule of the Tripundram (a sect mark consisting of three streaks) and what material, which place, how much, of what extent and which streaks, which divinity, which formula, which powers and which reward there are?"

The exalted one said to him "The material should be the ash of fires. One should grasp it with the five Brahman-formulas (Sathyojatam, Vamadevam, Agoram, Rudram, Eesanam). Consecrate it with the formula "Agnir iti bhasma" etc., Take out with the formula "ma nas toke tanayae" and (after consecrating) with the formula "Trayambakam Yajamahe" should apply it as three lines across on the head, forehead, breast and shoulders under the tryayusa formulas, trayambaka formulas and trisakti formulas.

This is the Sambhu-vow, which is taught in all the Vedas by those versed in the Veda. Therefore one desirous of liberation should practice it, so that he is not born again. And this Oh! Sanat kumara, is its (of the mark) extent; it stretches threefold from the forehead down to the eyes and goes from the center of one eye-brow to the other.

Its first line is the Grahapatya fire, the a-sound (of AUM), the Rajas (forceful characteristic), the terrestrial world, the external atman, the acting power, the Rig Veda, the morning pressing (of the Soma Juice), and Maheswara is its divinity.

Its second line is the Dakshina fire, the u-sound, the Sattvam (peaceful characteristic), the atmosphere, the inner Atman, the willing power, the Yajur Veda, the midday pressing of the Soma and Sadasiva is its divinity. Its third line is the Ahavaniya fire, the m-sound, the Tamas (lazy characteristic), the heaven, the highest Atman, the perceiving power, the Sama Veda, the evening pressing of the Soma and Siva is its divinity. Therefore he makes the Tripundram from the ashes. He who knows this, whether he be a Brahman-student, a house holder, a forest-resident or an ascetic, he is thereby purified of all the major sins and minor sins. Thereby all the gods are meditated upon by him, he is known by all the gods, becomes one who has bathed in all the holy bathing places, one who has all the time muttered the Rudra prayer. And after enjoying all the pleasures he enters, giving up the body, into union with Siva and does not return - and does not return. Thus spoke the exalted Kalagni Rudra.

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