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Yajur Vedic Upanishads - XII

Advaya Taraka Upanishad

Advaya Taraka Upanishad belongs to the Sukla Yajur Veda. It deals with the secret of attaining immortality by overcoming death and bondage. It explains how to awaken the Kundalini energy and achieve the Turiya state through the practice of yoga under a qualified teacher. It also informs what qualities the teacher should have, that he should be a scholar in Vedas, devotee of Lord Vishnu, free from jealousy, an expert in yoga and its practice and personify the ideals of Yoga.

That which helps one cross from the fear of birth, aging and death is called Tharakam (Tharayathi means Crosses). Understanding the appearance of the living being and God as separate entities is due to illusion and then examining and understanding the differences which exist in the world by the method of, "It is not this", "It is not this" and at last what remains at last is the Adhvaya Brahman (which does not have two forms). To get it one has to practice three aims.

In the middle of body there exists the Sushumna Nadi which is as bright as the sun and as cool as the moon. It starts from Mooladhara and goes up to Brahmarandra which is in the top middle of the skull. It is well known that in the middle of it there exists Kundalani which is as bright as crores of suns and as thin as the lotus thread. The man who sees that with his mind's eye attains salvation by getting rid of all sins.

One who sees constant light in the top portion of his, in the middle of his forehead has attained mastery of yoga. Wherever it is, if there is light above the head of one, he is a yogi. The yoga within is of two types viz Poorva (pre) and Uthara (post). The pre yoga is tharaka and the post yoga is amanaska (beyond mind). That which can be realized by sensory organs is one which has a form. That which is in between the eye lids is without form. Always for understanding the things within, practice with deep application of mind is necessary. In Tharaka yoga, the concepts like Daharakasa are understood only by the mind's eye. The Uthara (post) yoga is without form. It is beyond the mind.

Without batting the eye lids to see inside and outside, what one is aiming to see is called Sambhavi Mudra. The place where an expert in that type of mudra lives becomes very holy. With the help of a great teacher one tries to find the Thuriya state hidden in either the sahasrara (thousand petal lotus) or the cave of the heart or end of the 12 Nadis. Ability to see it is possible only through the help of a great teacher.

If the teacher, who is a scholar in Vedas, who is a devotee of Lord Vishnu, who does not have jealousy in his mind, who is a great expert in yoga, who practices Yoga and who is the personification of Yoga blesses, all the ties imposed by birth will vanish. At that moment all the sins committed in all the births will be destroyed. The Upanishad tells that he will achieve all the Purusharthas.

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