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Aruneya Upanishad

This Upanishad deals with the teaching of Prajapathi to sage Aaruni. It gives in detail the rules of life that are to be followed by a Brahmachari and a Sanyasi. Aruni Upanishad falls in the category of Samavediya Upanishads. It talks about the subject of Sanyas (denial from material life). This Upanishad provides the answers for Saint Aruni's doubts and questions.

Once, Saint Aruni had a lot of doubts in his mind regarding the subject of Sanyas. He wanted to get rid of his doubts and clear his thoughts. Knowing this, Lord Brahma tried answering his questions and solving his doubts. He explained the importance of Sanyas and its right procedure to Saint Aruni.

Aruni Upanishad Sanyasins View
Lord Brahma explains the subject of Sanyas to Saint Aruni in this Upanishad. Lord Brahma tells Saint Aruni that in order to be a Sanyasi he has to sacrifice his friends, family, hair, Yagyopaveet, books and all other material desires. Lord Brahma says that being a Sanyasi does not only mean changing clothes but involves a great deal of difficult sacrifices. A Sanyasi should wear only that particular length of clothes that are needed. He should only wear Kaupeen that is taken as a langot on the body. He also has to carry a Kamandal and a Stick. Lord Brahma says that this is related to his appearance. A Sanyasi also has to take care of other deeds. He should start practicing Brahmacharya which is extremely essential.

Lord Brahma says that a true Sanyasi is a person who is able to control his mind and the body. He also says that a Sanyasi should work for the welfare of the people and should promote peace in the world. He should always help the poor and needy. A Sanyasi should be truthful and should deny all material desires. All this is extremely important for him. During the transition phase, a person should recite Om mantra three times and move ahead asking for bhiksha. He should take bhiskha in just such quantities that are needed by him. He should not collect bhiksha. A person carefully following all these rules can walk on this path and become a Sanyasi. A person who is able to do so is closer to Lord Brahma. A Sanyasi's prayers, sacrifices and austerities help him in attaining salvation.

After preaching Saint Aruni about these things, Lord Brahma tells him about another aspect of Sanyas. He says that any person can live a life of a Sanyasi irrespective of his family, caste, colour or way of living. He says that any person able to sacrifice all the material desires is able to live such a life. He also says that only a person who can sacrifice all wants and desires can walk on this path and become a Sanyasi. Lord Brahma tells Saint Aruni that sacrificing all desires and wants make a person take Lord Brahma's form and get closer to him. He says that such a person is so skilled that he is a form of a Yagya himself. His soul gets closer to Lord Brahma.

Such a person takes the form of a clue heading towards Lord Brahma. His voice is as polite as mantras. A Sanyasi does not sacrifice Yagya but takes it form through his difficult and rigorous Sadhna. He gains immense knowledge and is as closer to Lord Brahma as once can get. He also understands the importance of the soul and attains salvation.

Lord Brahma says that a person is known as a Sanyasi only after gaining this immense knowledge. A person living for the welfare of this world and mankind is a true Sanyasi. Everything done by a Sanyasi should be for the welfare of the people. A Sanyasi maintains his good character through good works and generosity.

According to Lord Brahma, a Sanyasi should pray to Lord for proper functioning of the mind and the body. He should ask the Lord to provide him with strength in his eyes, ears and voice. A Sanyasi should ask for Lord's blessings and company. He should also ask for salvation.

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