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Parabrahma Upanishad
Para Brahma Upanishad talks about the existence of Lord Brahma. It also explains that Lord Brahma resides in everything and talks about his power. Lord Brahma is believed to have created everything including soul, thoughts, knowledge, vedas, shastra, science, astrology etc. Understanding Para Brahma is believed to be impossible. Para Brahma is considered to be above everything. It is unending and without a beginning. It does not have any constraints. Words cannot help in understanding Para Brahma. The magnificence of Para Brahma has been explained in Vedas. These Vedas say that Para Brahma cannot be explained with voice or words. Para Brahma is the basis for the existence of everything.

Once, Saint Shaunak asks Saint Pippilad about Para Brahma. He asks Saint Pippilad to enlighten him on the subject of Para Brahma. He wanted to know about the one who existed in everything and due to whom the existence of everything was possible. Saint Pippilad replies by saying that Para Brahma is the one who created everything and with whom everything in this world is able to exist. He also says that Para Brahma is the most powerful and resides in everything. He is the life source for everything.

He creates souls and limits their powers so that they can't see the magnificence of Lord Brahma. Para Brahma lives alone like a sayasi. No one is present with him in the place where he lives. Such a form of a sanyasi takes a person closer to Lord Brahma. Para Brahma gives results according to Karma. He is neutral and does his work like a sanyasi. He is not attached to anything or anyone.

Para Brahma existed even before the creation of everything. Then, this world was created. He is the only truth that resides in everything and everyone. Para Brahma can be understood through Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi. Living the life of a Sanyasi takes one closer to Para Brahma.

Para Brahma Upanishad talks about the power and magnificence of Lord Brahma. A sanyasi's life has been explained and it has been talked about how one can achieve this state. It has been said that through sanyas, sadhna and yoga, Para Brahma can be understood. It cannot be understood with only voice and words. A sanyasi denying all material life and desires can understand Para Brahma and attain salvation.

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