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Loving Mother - The First Preceptor

"By being born to Kausalya,
Rama fulfilled His divine role,
Brought up by the noble exemplar of womanhood like Sitha,
The twins Lava and Kusa achieved glory,
The ideal care and instructions of Jijia Bai,
Shivaji became a heroic warrior,
Fostered by the disciplined Putali Bai,
Gandhi became a Mahatma,
The first letter that the child lisps is Maa - Amma
Is there anything greater in the world,
Than the selfless love of the mother."
- Baba
Mothers in ancient days used to teach the children about right conduct, morality and devotion. The first preceptor for a child is the mother. For this reason Bharatheeya culture gave the first place to the mother among the four persons to be revered as divine: mother, father, guru and guest. The Vedas declare -"Maathru Devo Bhava"

The first sculptor of personality is the mother. It is the influence of the mother that shapes a man. There had been a generation of mothers in this glorious land like

Kausalya who taught Rama to follow the sacred path of Dharma, Sitha who fostered the charming twins Lava and Kusa, Jijia Bai who filled the heart of Shivaji with enthusiasm in our epic heroes, Bhuvaneshwari Devi who sowed the seeds of self confidence in Vivekananda.

Aryamba was a paragon of virtues. As a result, her son Shankaracharya could become a jagadguru. It was Iswara Chandra Vidyasagar's mother who made her son realize that the real ornament for man is Charity and become a philanthropist. By her own example she made him take to simple a life of simple living and high thinking. There was Putali Bai who shaped Gandhi out of her hesitant and honest son into a Mahathma.

These mothers took the children on their lap, through songs, stories and lullabies; while feeding them or rocking them to sleep poured into the precious vessels of their hearts the nectar of the Upanishads, Vedas and the epics. They charged them with power and chartered the road to eternal joy and peace. In this sacred land of Bharath, sweetest of all feelings is the love of the mother.
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