Gurus Corner
Sai's Tips to Teachers - Part II

"Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnuh
Gurur devo Maheswarah
Guru Sakshaath Parabrahma
Thasmai Sri Gurave namah"

A teacher has to carry out the work of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; the Creator, Protector and Destroyer, respectively. The Guru sows the seeds of virtue, of wisdom, and of faith in the heart. He is therefore, Brahma, of the nature of the Creator. He cannot sit back and silently watch the fate of the pupil, after the first few lessons. He has to guide the pupil at every step, foster and encourage good habits, sound reasoning and valid emotions, and acts as Vishnu. The Guru has also the duty cast on him, to watch every step of the pupil, and warn him off, when he takes a false step, or develops a bad habit, or entertains a deleterious doubt. The Guru must be ever alert to destroy the pests of vice and weeds of sloth and unsteadiness, acting as Maheshwarah.

Guru's duties to their pupils
As teachers, you should not look forward to monetary or material benefits and so you have ample opportunities to make the child's heart and intellect blossom through the rays of love. The Guru should place before himself three duties to his pupils.
  1. To develop in them joy of physical labour. Only those who have gone through pain and suffering can understand and sympathize with those who are in pain and those who suffer.

  2. To ensure physical health of the child so that it can have a healthy mind.

  3. To promote sharpness of intellect. Intelligence is not to be measured or promoted by placing 'question papers' before them and challenging them to write the answers. What the pupil has learnt has to brighten or modify his conduct or attitude.

Duty and Discipline to be observed by the teacher
Duty is best discharged through discipline. Discipline for teachers cannot be limited to punctuality and adherence to the time table. Duty for them involves intensive preparation, choosing the most effective means of communication, and discovering how best to instruct and inspire pupils under their care.

Benefits to the teacher in teaching
Teachers should regard their profession as one in which they not only teach, but also continuously learn more and more about the subject they have to deal with. It should be like the battery in a car which gets charged when the car is running. A good teacher is a perpetual learner, for him, nature or Prakriti is the teacher.

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- December 09

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