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Spiritual Games - II

Merry Go Round

Material Required: Slips with values like Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa etc. and also bad qualities like desire, anger, greed, attachment, pride, jealousy etc. Fold these slips and hold them in a box.

How to play:
Let the children form a circle. Pass the parcel through them with music in the background. When the music stops, the child with the parcel will pick up a slip from the box. If it is a good quality, he quits from the game and is sent to the center (or corner) where there is a beautiful picture of a god. If he picks up a bad quality, he continues to play. This can go on till all children reach god.

What do you learn:
With good qualities, you can reach God soon. However, with bad qualities you continue to revolve in the cycle of birth and deaths till you turn towards good.

People who reach god can witness god's play and enjoy it without being affected by it.

(If you ask children whether they would like to get out, or continue to play, most of them will prefer the later. This is similar to the human tendency of wanting to continue in the cycle of birth and death in spite of hardships.)

Game 4:

Material Required: Prepare slips containing one word each from the shlokas that have been taught in the class. For example, the word "Dhyayanti" from "Omkaram Bindu sanyuktam", the word "Sarva Karyeshu" from "Vakratunda" and so on.

How to play:
Make the children pick up a slip one by one and guess the shloka.
If the child can not guess, pass it on to the next child.
If no child can guess, then add one clue and try again.
Continue this till all slips are exhausted.
The child should not only guess, but also recite the entire shloka. The other children can also join the recitation. You can also ask question so that the revision is complete.

Revision of Bhajans can also be done using the same method.
For very small children or for new class you can use the first word of the shloka or Bhajan to make it simple.

Game 5:
Material Required: Right down a few shlokas on a paper. Cut each shloka in to four parts. For example,

For the shloka:
"Omkaram bindu . ", the four parts will be
"Omkaram bindu sanyuktam"-I
"Nityamdyayanti youginam" - II
"Kamadam Mokshadam chaiva"-III
"Omkaray namo namah"-IV

Now fold all parts separately.

How to play:
Distribute the slip among the children, let them search and find the other three parts and come to you with complete shloka.
This same game can be played with Swami's sayings in the same manner.
Some sayings like "Help ever hurt never" can be split only in to two parts and so on.

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