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Suggested Teaching Methods
The Five Teaching Techniques and Integration
The Bal Vikas guru always needs to find creative ways to help the pupils to turn the senses Inwards. Lessons should be creative and fun for the pupils. The senses should be focused on the Divine objects / subjects. Pupils should be engaged in projects like Recycling, Ceiling on desires, Gardening, Service projects etc.

The imbalance caused by the external education is balanced by the skill of human values. To attain the illumination level of the mind, balance is a pre-requisite. The teachers have a great responsibility, in not only practicing this message in their lives, but also in helping and leading the children towards realizing their innate Divinity. The teachers have to adopt a
S   -  Systematic
A   -  Appropriate
I   -  Integrated approach
Children growing up in today's world are exposed to countless influences. It is not only teachers and parents who affect children, but also their surroundings, including television, films, videos, etc. The teacher has the greatest role in moulding the children. A teacher who is loving and kind, who is patient and filled with humility, will play a very vital part in building the good character of the students. It is also the responsibility of the teacher to provide ample opportunities to put into practice what the student has imbibed in the class. It is to be done by carefully planning various activities.

The inculcation of values can be brought about by five teaching techniques i.e.,
1. Silent sitting,
2. Prayers, quotations, or thought for the day,
3. Group singing,
4. Story telling and
5. Group activities
While doing so, the Guru should have the following goals in her mind
  1. To motivate the students towards self-improvement through leadership qualities, silent sitting, maintaining spiritual diaries, health and hygiene courses, saving habits, management of thought, breath and time, understanding the relationship between 5 elements and man all these programmes will help them to realise that excellence can be achieved by becoming a better person today than what he was yesterday.

  2. Community living - through collective action - The students should be made to realise their role in the society, by providing them with activities like spiritual camps, project work, excursions, arrangement of exhibitions, celebrating festivals, cultural programmes, seminars, group discussions, group activities, service activities etc.

  3. The students should be given true life experience, through study circles on the practice and experience of human values, lives of great people, group activities grama-seva and camps.

These five teaching techniques are like bows that can only be stretched tout by Balavikas teachers who endeavor to be of exemplary character. The sounds and images of the Human values are shot forth like arrows into the minds and hearts of the children. The aim of using the five teaching techniques is to bring simple spirituality and character training into the lives of the children attending Balavikas classes.

More then 7 decades ago, our Beloved Bhagavan, before declaring His Avathar, has himself shown us the way to integrate these 5 teaching techniques. He used to gather the children and teach them Bhajans integrating Silent sitting and Prayer. By starting Panduranga Bhajan Mandali, he integrated Prayer with Group singing. His art of Story Telling is exemplary. By attending Pushpagiri camp as scout, he has shown us the way to integrate Group Activities with all other techniques. As we all know, His Life is His Message.

Advantages of Integration
  1. Two together perform better. If techniques are combined results will be better.

  2. Enthusiasm, curiosity and inquisitiveness of the child is continuously enlivened.

  3. Monotony does not creep in.

  4. Imagination and creativity in child are improved.

  5. Thought process of the child is extended to every activity, hovering over values.

  6. Value identification and value application become part of child's life.

  7. Child starts structuring his/ her personality within the virtuous limitation.

  8. Child starts adopting and practising 5 D's outside the class room and in real life situation.
There is no single standardized method and technique of teaching which assures moral development and value import into a child' life. Hence, it is necessary on the part of the guru to judiciously, tactfully and skillfully integrate two or more techniques to ensure the 'blossoming of human excellence'.

Story Telling
Gurus must be innovative and creative in presenting a story. They must adopt the newer and modern electronic gadgets like computer, Videos, animations etc and make the children learn the moral and the message from the story. The audio visual depiction of the story should motivate the child to implement what he or she learns.

Teaching Aid
Power point is a novel teaching Aid that can be used to attract the attention of the children and retain their interest in aroused state for longer time. Power Point is a simple method of creating Audio-Visual Teaching Aids.

In this issue we are presenting "A Glass of Milk", a presentation which teaches the children about Gratitude..

  • A Glass of Milk

  • Panchatantra Story - The Great Elephant

  • Panchatantra Story - The Mice and Elephant

  • Pencil Parable

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