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Mr. Sai Krishna Iyer
Aum Sri Sai Ram

In life we always come across many challenges. Challenges need not be facing a technical problem or a solving a puzzle. It could be anyinstance in our day to day life!

Be it facing interviews for job seekers.
Be it writing the exams, learning a new subject or a programminglanguage for students
Be it discovering new things, proposing a new theory for researchers.
Be it improving one's productivity for a working professional.
Be it health related or consumer goods related for a common man.
Be it knowing the unknown.

Whatever it may be,each moment in this competitive world is becoming a challenge or bigtask which has to be dealt with care.So one should develop the necessary skills and ability, to face anykind of challenge with brave heart and excel in lifeWe should reach a level to challenge the challenge's.

Sooner or later everyone regardless of age, gender, position,nationality, economic status, race or religion experiences some formof adversity or trouble. It is as much a part of life as every othercircumstance you will ever experience. Life is a neutral concept. Itdoesn't pick on certain people and shower others with only blessings.Some people could look at others and say, "Those people are wealthy;

I'll bet they have never failed or felt despair or discouragement." Ihave news for you.

No one is exempt from life's trials and tribulations! Life isnothing more than the ebb and flow of circumstances and conditions.Yes, some people may seem to get more than their share of bad timeswhile others seem to get better times or circumstances than theydeserve. But be careful not to judge.You can't always control what comes into your life but you can, if youchoose, to always control how you respond to it or act because of it.

Adversity, problems and failure, no one wants them but everyone getsthem. How you choose to see them or define them will have a great dealto do with how they impact your life. If you fear failure and choosenot to stretch, try, experiment or reach because of its consequences,then the fear of failure now rules your life. If you fail and learn,then you are in charge of your life and its outcomes.

I was fortunatethat my parents let me fail often and hard when I was growing up. As aresult I have never seen failure as final but a part of a longer lifeprocess. I learned to fail often so I could succeed sooner. One of mymentors and heroes Norman Vincent Peal always said, "Problems are goodas long as you learn from them."

No one likes the sting of discouragement or despair. I've been there,many times but I can tell you that there is always learning in each oflife's situations if you will only stop seeing yourself as a victimand find the lessons and learn from them. If you are discouraged,troubled or afraid I hope you find some answers or solace in the wordsthat follow."No matter what is going on or how difficult times may seem, useyour pain, discouragement, loneliness and despair to get in touch withwho you are, what you believe and your creative potential. Get busy."

I've been fortunate that my path through life has been guidedby many people who have helped me see the light instead of thedarkness, the joy rather than the sorrow and the blessings and not thesadness.I've been told by many of my friends that I have spent far toomuch time in the valleys of life rather than on the mountaintops. Myanswer to all of these people is simple - my time in the valleys has helped weather life storms and difficult times as well as taught menot to become arrogant when I did get to view life from the top of themountain. But more than this they helped write with compassion,humility and courage.

No one escapes this life without failures. I have had them. Youhave had them. Everyone has had them. The only way to avoid failure isto spend the rest of your life in some log cabin in the woods awayfrom all human contact, expectations and the need for achievement. Iknow of no one who has reached adulthood who has not had some form ofadversity or failure in their life. Neither do you. Why then are we so afraid to fail?

Sai Krishna Iyer

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