"One's body is derived from the flesh and blood of the mother. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, the life you lead are all the gift of your parents. It is one's primary duty to please one's parents. Serve your parents." Parent means 'pay rent'. Children should pay the rent of respect and service to parents who gave them the room called body.

Mother is the first guru of the child. "Great mothers create great men". Indian culture emphasizes the importance of mother, father, teacher and God. Swami has said that parents are living Gods. Children are their most valuable treasure. Parenting is nothing other than 'Family Sadhana'.

Parenting Programme of Sri Sathya Sai Balavikas aims at
A - Awareness
I - Induction
M - Motivation

The objectives of parenting programme are :
  • To fulfill Swami's vision that every home must be a Balavikas class and every mother must be a Balavikas guru. For this we have to work with great momentum.
  • To highlight the need of individual transformation and the family transformation.
  • To heighten the parents self - awareness and self - knowledge.
  • To let every parent get the benefit of Sai experience.
  • To inculcate the idea not to send parents to old age homes.

All India Workshop on Parenting - 20-21 November, 2007 - Prasanthi Nilayam
On the morning of November 20, Sai Kulwant Hall witnessed the inauguration of the two-day Workshop on Parenting organised by the Education wing of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation. Swami lit the ceremonial lamp at 9.30 am. A vedic invocation and three short speeches followed. The speeches were by Smt.Nimmi Kanwar, Smt.Vidya Srinivasan and Dr.L.Sasi Bala who spearhead the Balvikas and Parenting initiatives of the Sai Organisation. The content was mainly based on inputs that Swami had given at various times on the Bal Vikas programme and the role parents have to play in bringing up their children.

Sri. V. Srinivasan, All India President inaugurating the workshop

Parenting Programme in various states
BV trainers are equipped with material and methodology. Parenting programs are conducted regularly and members of EHV wing and Sai Teachers Forum associate with parenting activity.

  • Exhibition on dynamic parenting at samithi an taluk levels.
  • Publication of quarterly news letter on parenting.
  • Encourage parents to become Balavikas gurus.

Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
  • Intensive house to house parent contact: This was done at least once a year through out the state. For this teams comprising of male Samithi members & B.V.Gurus visit all houses of the specified area. Although the questioner [as per B.V.manual] is not filled but its contents are covered during the verbal talks with the parents.
  • Mothers Meet was conducted at few places. Inviting parents in B.V. classes by respective Gurus.
  • Exhibition on parenting in urban Samithis.

Tamil Nadu
  • All the districts have conducted parenting meeting at the Samithi level. All the samithies organize Matru puja where the children worship their parents with all devotion by washing the feet of parents and doing archana by reciting sathya sai Ashtothram.
  • In school Balvikas, parenting meeting was conducted when the parents mentioned that their children stopped taking non-vegetarian food and prevented their parents from cooking non-vegetarian dishes.
  • The parents addicted to alcohol changed their habit because of their children who are in Balvikas. The children who attended Balvikas prayed to Bhagawan to change the habit of their parents.
  • The constant pressure exerted by the children brought about a favourable attitudinal change in the parents.
  • The workshop on parenting facilitated an understanding and adjustment between daughters in law and mothers in law. It helped in eliminating the animosity between the in laws.
  • Parenting has helped the youngsters to respect the elders and the elders to understand the problems of the youngsters.
  • The great weakness among the parents noticed in the parenting programme is that they were highly interested in the academic achievements of their children. It took great deal of time to convince them of the importance of overall personality development consisting of emotional, mental, intellectual, psychological and spiritual dimensions.
  • The parents who were ready to go for divorce actually changed their ideas as the programme on parenting helped them to shed their egoistic attitude and helped in bringing about a positive change in their mental outlook.
  • Successful Parenting programme and balvikas have helped the parents to join in the organization either as Balvikas Gurus or sevadals .One person has become a samithi convenor too.

  • The Parenting Exhibition with sub titles in Regional Language held at Samiti Level was a Great Success.
  • Parenting Workshops -- Quiz, Dialogues etc. with active participation of the parents held
  • Funfair with a spiritual themes - where both Parents and children together participated was also a success.
- October 11
- December 09

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