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Easwaramma - The chosen Mother
"Easwaramma was the chosen one. I chose her to be My mother. That is the intimate relationship between Mother Easwaramma and Myself."

The loving God with his loving mother

"Surpassing the fragrance of Jasmine and Champak,
Sweeter on the palate than butter and cream,
Dearer to behold than a preening peacock
With its myriad eyed plume,
Cooler than the rays of the full - faced moon,
Dearer than all these is the all - embracing
Love of a mother's heart."

Truly, Eswaramma had a very loving heart. The whole life of Easwaramma is a shining example and ideal for Sai devotees to emulate. "Amazing love for Swami, constantly seeking happiness and welfare of others" - this is the summary of her life. She had a special love for children because in every child she saw Sathya hiding, inviting her to seek and succeed. Naturally, they cuddled in flocks around her. They watched with delight the twinkle in her eyes and the wrinkles on her cheeks and chin as she joked and laughed. They were amused and their attention was aroused when her gold and glass bangles jingled as she gesticulated, while stressing a point or underlining a caution. When she found a child chubby, she squeezed and pulled its cheeks to see the patch of pink, the thrill the impact lent to the angel face.

She could be easily inveigled into the narration of hair-raising or heart-warming tales in order to keep the children wrapped in excitement. Her pleasing pliant voice reproduced the screams of the kidnapped heroine, the wail of the wounded demon, the plaint of the frightened son, the roar of the victorious warrior, and the crooning of the child cast on the jungle track. In fact she was quick in adding to her repertory stories about Sai Baba of Shirdi and Swami.

The children watched the pictures she so realistically designed and described - the white umbrella with tassels of gold held over a pair of sandals, the emergence of the lion-faced God from the marble pillar of the royal audience hall, the dance of the child on the hood of an angry serpent. Easwaramma forgot her physical ailments, the deeper deprivations, and the assaults on her inner peace when engaged in storytelling.
Invariably she rounded up the tales with emphatic words on humility and honesty, love and loyalty. These lessons were lapped up by the children for they were soaked in the syrup of her affection.

To immortalize this warm love and moving concern she had for children, Swami established the Easwaramma High School within two months of her passing away in Puttaparthi. Every year hundreds of village children graduate from this school confident and conscientious to pursue higher studies and make their parents proud.

Every Easwaramma Day is A Children's Day
May 6th is also celebrated as Children's Day in all Sai Organizations throughout the country. Bal Vikas groups in every Sai Center perform songs, dances, and value games glorifying God and expressing their gratitude to the blessed Mother for having gifted them with the most precious possession of their lives, their Swami. In the divine presence too every year small children perform various plays and Swami lovingly showers them with gifts and love after their presentation.

Swami with the Bal Vikas children during Easwaramma Day celebrations in Brindavan

Three Selfless Desires - Three Models for Mankind
"People desire that only their family and children should be happy. But Easwaramma was not like that. She wanted everyone to be happy. Even though she was not educated she taught such noble qualities to everyone." - Baba
There is perhaps one legend that will always dance around her hallowed name, and that is her direct inspiration for the mammoth social service projects which make the name Sathya Sai shine throughout the world. On several occasions Swami has recalled this endearing facet of her life.

Once she told Me, "Swami, our Puttaparthi is a small village. Since there is no school in this village, the children are forced to walk long distances to attend schools in the neighboring villages. I know that You are the ocean of compassion. Please construct a small school in this village." I asked where she wanted the school to be built. She said she had a piece of land behind her house. She wanted the school to be constructed there. As desired by her, I got the school constructed. Though it was a small school, the inaugural function was a grand affair attended by many devotees.

The next day Easwaramma expressed her happiness over the inaugural function and said that she had one more desire. She wanted a hospital also to be built in the village. She said, "Swami, I don't want to put You to trouble. If You are troubled, the whole world will be in trouble and if You are happy the whole world will be happy. So if it gives You happiness, please construct a small hospital." As per her wish, I got the hospital constructed. Bejawada Gopal Reddy, a highly reputed person in those days, was invited to inaugurate the hospital. The inauguration was attended by thousands of people from the neighboring villages. Easwaramma did not imagine that this would be such a grand affair.

Next day, she came up to Me and said, "Swami, it does not matter even if I die now. I have no more worries, you have fulfilled my desires and mitigated the suffering of the villagers to a great extent." I said, "If you have any more desires, ask Me now." She replied hesitantly that she had yet another small desire. "You know that the river Chithravathi is in spate during the rainy season. But in summer it dries to a trickle and people do not have drinking water. So, please see that some wells are dug in this village." I told her that I would not stop with these small wells and that I would provide drinking water to the entire Rayalaseema region. Easwaramma said, "I don't know what Rayalaseema is. I am satisfied if our village is provided with drinking water."

Thus it is that Easwaramma's vision and compassion lit up the lives of countless numbers who are benefiting from her unselfish wishes. This was not merely an ideal she encouraged her son to make real but one she expressed actively through her love for all

Easwaramma Women's Welfare Trust
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba inaugurated the Easwaramma Women's Welfare Project, devoted to the spiritual, moral and social upliftment of all women with the dedication of a single plaque on November 19, 2004. Through His Grace, this has blossomed into the Easwaramma Women's Welfare Trust (EWWT), a non-profit organization, officially founded on February 18, 2005, and under the direct supervision of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. A sister to the other Sai trusts (medical, education, etc), the EWWT follows Swami's teaching of "going among the masses, counseling them, guiding them, uplifting them" - regardless of social, religious or cultural distinctions.

The Easwaramma Women's Welfare Project is committed to long-term upliftment. Young village women are given a general medical check-up and screened for their aptitude and interest. Then they are trained in locally marketable skills in a clean modern facility, graciously provided and blessed by Swami right within the ashram. Caring project coordinators patiently cultivate the women's native abilities, giving them hope, self-respect and their first-ever opportunity for self-reliance. Women learn tailoring, embroidery, cooking and other useful handicrafts from experienced professionals. Products are now sold in the Prasanthi Shopping Complex and food kiosks under the "EWWP" label.

The Mother and Child Project offers free prenatal, birthing and antenatal care to woman, along with immunization and medical care for very young children, in the villages of Sathya Sai mandal. Once a month, teams consisting of doctors, medical technicians and sevadals, from all over Andhra Pradesh trek down the narrow bumpy roads to remote villages, along with a fully equipped "Mother and Child" ambulance provided by Bhagavan. Women receive on-going medical and nutritional support, as well as training in childcare, personal hygiene and spirituality. This loving care extends to the village headmen, local schoolteachers and elders, who are involved in activities to ensure that women have community support. The project is also committed to improving knowledge and training for local birth attendants, educating them to provide better care for mothers before, during and after delivery. "Human birth is a gift from God," says Swami. "It is only by the strength of a mother's will that a child will come up in life. Hence she must be given pride of place. She must be respected and cared for." Post natal visits train mothers in better infant care and include preventive healthcare education, immunizations and on-going nutritional counseling.

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